The Yantalo International Clinic is the first Green Hospital in South America and is an initiative to improve the Health of the people of Yantalo. Many people and organizations have come forward to donate their expertise, time and resources for this cause, including NewSchool of Architecture and Design and Municipality of Yantalo, Moyobamba (PERU). You can also donate construction materials and hospital supplies for Yantalo Clinic.


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Inquire about opportunities for internship, practicum, dissertation and volunteering.

The first Global Health Campus in Latin America’s rural Amazon. The site will host the Adelina Soplin Clinic, the International Diagnostic Center, Research facilities and a Dental Clinic.

Volunteer in Peru
We invite you to volunteer in Yantalo in the Peruvian Amazon Jungle. Share your skills, knowledge and time with the people of Yantalo in the areas of Education, Health, Art, Music and/or Sports.

Yantalo Cafe.

Located in the clinic is the Yantala reastaurant. Breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as drinks are available.

Food and drinks are available 7 days a week.
Opening hours are 8am-5pm

Av Santa Rosa s/n, Km 10
Yantaló, Moyobamba
San Martín, Peru